Wild Arms & Shadow Hearts Spiritual Successors Armed Fantasia & Penny Blood Get New WIP Gameplay Videos & More


As their joint Kickstarter is about to sunset, Wild Bunch Productions and Yukikaze released new assets about Armed Fantasia and Penny Blood.

As their joint Kickstarter Campaign is about to sunset, Wild Bunch Productions and Yukikaze released new assets about their upcoming JRPGs Armed Fantasia and Penny Blood.

Speaking of Armed Fantasia, we learn of three new ARMS types unlocked via stretch goals, Gunblades, Whips, and Chainsaws. These will come with their own specific party roles, adding further depth to the battle system.

We also get the introduction of a group named the Iconocluster, described as follows:

“Meaning “destroyers of the sacred icon”. Much as the name would imply, they are a secret society of anti-Order insurgents.

They see the Order’s control over the world as domination and evil. However, while their sole target is the Order itself, their activities often result in destruction, affecting the lives of the general populace.

But to Iconocluster, it is for the greater good. They also claim to be the ones responsible for unlocking the future of Londenium.

Despite their numbers being far inferior to that of the Order, their possession of heretical technologies discovered in the ruins, combined with their penchant for guerilla warfare, makes them a force to be reckoned with.”

On top of new renders of the main heroes, we also take another look at the field with another WIP gameplay video, showing quite a bit of freedom of exploration and traversal.

Moving on to Penny Blood, we get to see a combo attack and a norma attack focusing on Emilia Dawson.

The Kickstarter campaign has received $2,045,426 in pledges at the moment, split between the two games as you can see in the infographic below.

Of course, both games are fully funded and they’re well on their way into the stretch goals, with 35 hours to go to go on the clock.

They’re coming for PC, PS5, Xbox Series X, and tentatively for a possible next-generation Nintendo console.

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