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As the saying goes ‘laughter is the best medicine’, and whilst it isn’t factually correct there is certainly a lot to be said for a day getting better once you have had a giggle at something funny. We have all needed a laugh at something from time to time and often it is comedy films that bring us that welcomed relief.

Betway Insider recently took a look at the most successful film franchises of all time. Perhaps unsurprisingly a large number of the most successful franchises are made up of action films. When you consider the budget that goes into making things like Marvel, Lord of the Rings and Star Wars it would be disappointing if they didn’t do well. Despite often not having the same budget as these massive Hollywood blockbusters, comedy remains a massively popular genre with filmgoers and here’s why.

Everyone Loves Laughter

However, you are feeling a bit of laughter can go a long way. We all live busy and stressful lives which means that we can be left feeling as though everything is a bit much. Watching a film allows us to feel the rush of endorphins, which can help us feel better even when nothing else around us has really changed. Comedy movies tend to be relatable and funny, which means that we can laugh because we can imagine ourselves or those around us in similar situations

We Need a Bit of Escapism

Whilst all films give us a bit of escapism, they don’t all give us light relief at the same time. Action films like the ones created by Marvel (a franchise that has made $27.b) are great for escapism, but they don’t promote the feeling of being happy and relaxed. Watching comedy films allows us a little time to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, whilst watching characters and storylines develop that help us to feel happier.

People Like Lack of Surprises

One thing that proves popular with many comedy film series’ is the simpler storylines. It is easy to assume that film fans want to watch complicated storylines and that offer twists and turns at every stage. However, comedy is often something different. It is often the predictability of characters and the calamities that we can see happen in front of us that make us laugh the most. When looking for a film to watch that will make us feel better and perhaps lighten the mood it is those comedy films that we know the storyline of that we tend to turn to, as though the feeling of watching something that is familiar is a comfort to us.

Of course, the fact that comedies are often family-friendly and can be watched in pretty much any setting really helps. Family movie nights might not be suitable for things like horror and action, but there will always be a comedy film that you can put on that everyone will be happy with, and it is that which helps comedy films prove popular time and time again.

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