Valorant Night Market Returns on 7th December for an Entire Month

Valorant’s annual Night Market has been confirmed for a 7th December release and it will be available for an entire month. Players will get access to a selection of purchasable cosmetics to choose from until 4th January 2023. Riot Games modeled the feature after “Your Shop” from League of Legends and it has allowed players to get their hands on expensive skins at hefty discounts over the past year. 

What to expect from the 2022 annual Night Market?

Since the next Night Market coincides with the holiday season Riot Games is extending the store duration to four weeks. In 2021 we had the Night Market running throughout December and the same pattern is being followed this year but there is no reroll feature available just yet so it’s only a matter of giving players more time to earn cosmetics.

Once the Night Market is available, you will be able to view your selection of skins via an indicator in Valorant’s main menu. The Night Market does not include recent skin releases so don’t hold your breath for any skin collections that were released in the past two months.

A Reroll feature is not available in the next Night Market

Even though the skins will be available for a longer time period, there is no way to guarantee the skins you want. The randomness of the Valorant Night Market can be frustrating and players are unable to get their favorite skins despite waiting for months. In League of Legends, the skins presented to each player is dependent on account activity but there are no such systems in place for players in Valorant 

At least the Night Market reruns frequently and players will need to wait just eight weeks after the annual event ends before getting a fresh selection of skins to choose from. A re-roll feature would be a welcome change but Riot Games has not hinted at any plans to introduce re-rolling the skins using premium currency.

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