Tyler1 Plays Overwatch 2, Gets Chat Restricted for 1812 Days

Twitch star Tyler “Tyler1” Steinkamp, famously known for his League of Legends streams, played Overwatch 2 live on 13th October as part of a sponsored stream. After playing the game for a few hours, Tyler1 realized that he had already been silenced or chat-restricted for 1812 days. If you have been following him for years, Tyler1 getting chat restricted or banned is not new. For the longest time, he was banned indefinitely from League of Legends and was unbanned after eighteen months in 2017.

Tyler1 clicked on the chat box and was shocked to see that he had been banned for 1812 days which amounts to almost five years. The in-game message said, “You have been silenced for 1812 days due to multiple reports of abusive chat from other players.

Tyler1 reacts to him getting chat restricted

Tyler1 was quick to say that he deserved the treatment in Overwatch 2. As he was checking whether he was in game queue, he was shocked to see that he had gotten silenced. He said, “I’m still silenced. You guys can’t see. That’s fine, I deserved it.” Chat took this moment to spam the “KEKW” emote and made fun of Tyler1 for being both sponsored and banned by Blizzard.

Explaining his ban to new players, Tyler1 said, “Let me explain the story. I probably shouldn’t say it. It’s sponsored. But if you guys are new. So, when I got indefinitely banned from League of Legends, and again, I’m reformed, I moved to Overwatch. I used to stream Overwatch.”

Tyler1 then said that he used some of his typical “T1” flame on the Overwatch streams that caught the attention of Blizzard. Following this, as a precautionary method, Blizzard dished Tyler1 a “10-year indefinitely mute” on his main account or any new one he made. Tyler later stated that he was reformed and that he’s the “face of Twitch and gaming.

The sponsored Overwatch 2 stream by Tyler1 was filled with his usual antics and he seemed to have fun playing the newly released FPS game. He also had a funny ad for the game read on the stream. He read out the instructions sent to him on stream and did exactly the opposite of what was told. He loudly read, “Required talking points to be said in your own voice. Do not read word for word.

Tyler1 then acknowledged that it needs to be authentic and real and immediately took a deep breath to reset. He then continued with sarcastic enthusiasm, “Overwatch 2 is now free to play, guys. I know Overwatch 1 was like, you had to buy it, which… it was a nice, reasonable, comfortable price. But Overwatch 2 is now free to play! It’s crazy!

Overwatch 2 is the sequel to Overwatch, an FPS game by Blizzard Entertainment that was officially released on 4th October.  Players, who are familiar with the title and new to the game, are flocking in to try their hand at the game.

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