Trigun Stampede Will Air in January 2023, Adds Wolfwood and Meryl

Trigun Stampede, the animated reboot of the ’90s classic Trigun, is coming in a matter of months. The latest trailer for the series revealed the show’s broadcast window. It falls in January 2023. The new trailer also introduced some key characters, including Nicholas D. Wolfwood and Meryl Stryfe.

Check out the trailer below. English subtitles are available in the closed captions.

As in the previous trailer, Trigun Stampede establishes that this take on Vash the Stampede is a bit younger, and possibly earlier in his career than seen in the original work. He’s also looking for Knives, who seems to be hiding out in the city of July. Also introduced in the trailer is Meryl Stryfe, a rookie reporter who’ll stop at nothing to get a scoop. This is also a departure from the original, where Meryl was a claims adjuster from the Bernardelli Insurance Company. In the manga and original anime, she investigated the copious property damage claims made based on Vash’s activities, following the “Humanoid Typhoon” around to prevent him from increasing the company’s liability. Meryl’s partner from the original story, Milly Thompson, isn’t in the new trailer, though if she does show up, she’ll likely be in a different role. Meryl is paired instead with a veteran reporter, Roberto De Niro. Meryl is voiced by Sakura Andou, and Roberto is voiced by Kenji Matsuda (Zebra in Toriko).

Another familiar Trigun face showing up in Trigun Stampede is Nicholas D. Wolfwood. Carrying his familiar Punisher Cross, Wolfwood is an accomplished gunman who becomes Vash’s traveling companion and occasional foe, at least in the original story. Wolfwood is voiced by Yoshimasa Hosoya (Reiner in Attack on Titan, Belial in Granblue Fantasy, and Orga in Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans).

The official Twitter account also shared a new poster visual for the show, revealing Vash, Roberto, Meryl, and Wolfwood.

Trigun Stampede premieres in January 2023. It’ll simulcast on Crunchyroll.

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