Top Trending Items So Far This Month

One of my favorite things to do is to review our analytics and see what items are resonating most with the LIY Audience! Because information is more fun when it’s shared, here are the top 10 items that the LIY Community is buying right now! But that isn’t even the best part! The best part is that these items all arrive BEFORE Christmas, order now and give the gifts that keep on giving!

Draw Me In [Notes of Amber and Santal]

I have been SO excited about this collaboration with Life in Lilac! If you know their candles, you know how good they are. We got to create our very own scent for YOU and it will truly Draw you in…[the best way I know to describe it is intoxicating 🕯]! Shop the candle and perfume online at or shop the bundle and save $14 on the app! Order by 12/14 to receive before Christmas!

The best $8 I have ever spent… gift it to yourself or to someone who appreciates the little things in life 😆

NOW 50% OFF! These mid rise sneakers were $125 and are currently on sale for $63!

The LIY Community has spoken, and you officially LOVE this light for your kids’ rooms, and today it’s currently on S A L E! The perfect gift idea!

This size and color combo arrives before Christmas! Snag yours here!

I didn’t know if I would like the sherpa take on the Lululemon belt bag but I can officially say I’m a fan! Grab yours while you can, currently in stock and arriving before Christmas!

Jen, from the LIY team, recently went on the hunt for high top sneakers under $50 and found these babies! You all loved them and shared your favorites here!

Turn your hot coffee into iced in 60 seconds 🤯 I hit checkout on this HyperChiller on Prime Day and have been using it on repeat ever since! Currently 20% off and arrives before Christmas!

The perfect stocking stuffer for tweens, teens and women of all ages! Currently under $20!

I was given this electric lighter at a favorite things party last Christmas, and it’s truly now become one of my favorite things! Simply charge it via USB, turn it on, and voila, you’ve got a spark! PS. it has almost 32,000 great reviews, and a 20% clickable coupon today!

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