Top 5 Bhediya Review will Fall you in Love with The Movie

Find the top 5 reviews of Varun Dhavan’s Bhediya movie if you are planning to watch the movie. The movie got 3.5 review in Indian Express thus, IMDb got 8.2/10, and TOI gave 3.5 ratings

1: Piyali Biswas:

Guys watch it, truly worth watching with entire family. I went because my 7 year old son likes Varun uncle and obviously its a horror comedy so he may enjoy. My verdict is – after a long time, I enjoyed a movie with all my heart and laughing out loud. Even my family completely loved it.

Varun Dhawan is BANG ON – he is a fabulous actor who may fit in different roles easily. Abhishek Banerjee is someone I go to watch – his comic timing is pitch perfect. Paalin Kabak – the best match for this role, you were amazing. Kriti Sanon demanded much more than what she was offered.
Amar Kaushik – hats off for your story telling capability, it is so fascinating the way you merged horror, comedy, environment, substantial message. I loved the dialogues – throughout Hindi and no Hinglish, the best one was “Arre yaar Hindi me bol” 😀

The humor is very well placed and doesn’t goes wrong anywhere, in fact a movie with fantastic dialogues without double meaning or Telugu remakes. The nature, the graphics, the story – everything was enjoyable and overall a paisa vasool. Please watch it with family, friends – I really wish audience turns to theatres in a large number with positive word-of-mouth. Shall eagerly wait for your next instalment.

2: Nakap Techi:

Amar Kaushik Sir did a great job bringing Arunachal Pradesh as a whole to the silver screen. The cast were great, the story was good, VFX/CGI were on par with the Hollywood standards (except for the climax part where it seems like that their 60 crore budget took a dig) , the screenplay, cinematography and the best of all the Natural scenic and virgin untouched forest of Arunachal Pradesh was a breathe of fresh air.

Varun Dhawan can act. His role in BADLAPUR is what gravitated me as an audience towards his film even though there was NEPOTISM in the news every now and then. When an Actor can really act, stays humble to his/her craft and tries to be versatile in every role then whether he/she maybe from ELITE Bollywood household or not, doesn’t really matter.

Kriti Sanon is 😍. Period!

The whole cast of Arunachal artist were great. Paabin Kabak as one of the main protagonist was brilliant casting as well as the song sung by K4Kekho was just great.

The tiny bits and humour of racial profiling was spot on magic scene. And Arunachali Humor was enjoyed a lot by the masses. Loved it!

This film is one of the best gift to Arunachal Pradesh state from Bollywood.

Thank you Amar Kaushik sir!

Thank you each and every individuals who made it happen.

May the divine being grants you all happiness and longevity in life, career, love, health and all the good luck in the world.

3: Mukesh M

After having a Dull year with Overhyped Boring Movies like RRR Liger PS1 Shamshera.
Here’s what the Audience needs
1) An Entertaning Movie with No time wasted on Character Build up and with a very Strong Message.
2) Absolute Paisa vasool punch lines like jahan prakriti hay wahan pragati hay.
3) Continuity of Narrative (Except for a faltu song jungle me kaand)
4) No great music (Most rubbish loud and below average songs come from Vishal Shekhar camps)

Apna bana le is the only good song, overall a great movie , .

The Actors don’t have much to do because it’s the story and direction packed with VFX that steal the show. Remember it’s not the werewolf in london type story , it’s integrated with a very solid Subject.

5) Varun Dhawan carries the movie on his shoulders , kriti sanon has zero place with repetitive acting skills from Luka chupi and Mimi , Dibakar Banerjee is repetitive too. But it’s a character from stree (Jena) Deepak dobriyal won’t let you down. The rest of the cast is brilliant.

Overall a great watch …or A must watch if you have had the burden of proving your self Worth of being an film lover and you disliked overhyped south north east or west movies.

Arunachal Pradesh – a beautiful place we need to be grateful of for its great locales .

Watch it .

4: Being Rajat

BHEDIYA offers a MUST WATCH 3D experience. The Team have done a Great Work in The TECHNICAL DEPARTMENT & It’s Interesting too see how they give a Cinematic touch to the old flokelore.

Varun Dhawan is in top form, He’s assimilate himself well into the project. Abhishek Banerjee’s punch lines are hilarious, He’s clearly the standout perfomer in the film 👌 There are plenty of moments that leads you to laugh while even being scared at few instances. It does keep you in the laughs throughout & has an important message to convey. The creature effects & computer generated imagery are extremely well executed… In fact it just managed to pulled off some of the finest special effects we have seen in a recent times. Cinematography & BGM are backbone of the film .

5: Shruti Srivastav

This movie is so good. Finally a good Bollywood movie with a good message. This movie is refreshing and 100% it’s a comeback for varun dhawan. Me and my husband loved this movie, in fact our theatre was filled with laughter.
Came out enjoying this movie it’s a perfect entertainment comparing to any other movies released recently.
Please do not watch any YouTube reviews from other languages especially Telugu reviewers couldn’t understand a thing or may be dubbing was bad. Either ways, there is no hatred towards the movie it’s a completely comedy horror/thriller movie. If you like stree, it’s the same director who gave us another fun thriller.

Moving forward, if this director releases any other movie then I am sure it will be an entertaining one.

Varun and his friends in this movie did justice to their characters and there is also a slight message on not to do discriminate towards north east people. Krithi was stunning as usual.
Overall it’s very engaging and VFX were so better than that stupid bahubali.

Please go and watch this movie.

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