The Sidekicks Break Up

The Sidekicks have broken up. The Ohio band announced the news on Instagram over the weekend, writing: “Folks have been asking and it’s about time that we let everyone know that we have called it a day. We are endlessly grateful for anyone who has given us a listen, attended a show or put us up for a night.”

The band self-released their debut full-length, So Long, Soggy Dog, in 2007. Two more albums, Weight Of Air and Awkward Breeds followed, and they made the jump to Epitaph Records with 2014’s Runners In The Nerved World. Their most recent (and now final) album, Happiness Hours, came out in 2018.

“We are equally grateful to all those who have helped us along the way and to those who we met through our travels and time in this group,” the band continued in their goodbye message. “So, this is a thank you, from us to you. We hope you had as much fun listening as we had throughout this journey.”

Too late for this year’s In Memoriam segment — we’ll honor you next year, Sidekicks.

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