The Men Announce New Album ‘New York City’, Share New Single

The Men have announced their ninth album, New York City, which will land on February 3 via Fuzz Club. Check out the new single ‘Hard Livin” below.

“When everyone left NYC, the sewer opened and we crawled out,” the band remarked in a statement. “These songs became the blood of the band as the band could only exist for and of these songs. There was no place else to hang their hats. Without making this record, the group would not exist, so there really wasn’t another option. NYC is fluid. It means a lot of different things to all kinds of people. We present the record in that spirit.”

Of the new single, guitarist and vocalist Nick Chiericozzi said: “‘Hard Livin’’ is a song trying to find a way to adjust between requesting Godly intervention and reconciling the fact that we are largely alone. ‘Hard Livin’’ is livin’ hard. It’s something people go through and that in fact, besides our beginnings and endings, might be our single most shared experience.”

New York City Cover Artwork:

New York City Tracklist:

1. Hard Livin’
2. Peace of Mind
3. Echo
4. God Bless the USA
5. Eye
6. Eternal Recurence
7. Round the Corner
8. Through the Night
9. Anyway I Find You
10. River Flows

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