The Entire Universe Has Been Recreated in Minecraft, and It’s Incredible

Gamers have used Minecraft to make their wildest dream builds come true for more than a decade, but no one has ever built the entire universe — until now. Reddit user ChrisDaCow made his stunning recreation and shared it on the website earlier this week, and it’s a sight to behold. Every block in this build was used to stunning effect, giving us a Minecraft version of space as we’ve never seen it before. Of course, it’s not quite an exact recreation of the entire universe, but it’s easily one of the most impressive projects Minecraft has ever produced. See a video of ChrisDaCow’s project, fit with cinematic camera angles and booming music, below.

I Built the Entire Universe in Minecraft! from Minecraftbuilds

ChrisDaCow’s cosmic masterpiece has garnered more than 22K upvotes since making its way to the Minecraftbuilds subreddit three days ago and now sits within the page’s top 15 posts of all time. It’s easy to see why, with each planet featuring details that make them instantly recognizable. Whether it’s Saturn’s dusty rings or all of Earth’s vibrant features, the small details make an impact as much as the big ones. For example, if you look closely, you can see that even our Sun looks alive thanks to the plasma arches protruding out and around it.

It’s one of the densest Minecraft builds we’ve seen… ever, really, so it’s nice that ChrisDaCow published a video explaining how his two-month project came to be. It’s a 13-and-a-half-minute video nearly as dense as the project itself. If you’re interested in how some Minecraft players put their plans into practice, especially to recreate the entire universe, this one’s a must-watch.

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