The audience gets surprised by a U-turn in the final thirty minutes in Drishyam 2

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In Drishyam 2, the movie’s plot and characters seem very real. The first half is used to establish the characters and set the scene. They have shown a 7-year gap while remaining true to tone and age and have well maintained the characters’ relationship, their thoughts, and the setting. Additionally, one of the keys to the movie’s success is maintaining the characters’ originality. I never feel a gap or anything missing between the flow of the film, the thoughts of the characters, and the tone of the characters.

Therefore, when I saw the movie Drishyam (Part 1), all the characters were carried forward with their originality in Part 2. I never thought about the lead character, Ajay Devgan, missing any takes. In Drishyam 2, his character was well convinced, retaining his originality and being well played.

Abhishek Pathak did excellent job as previously did in Drishyam 1 Hindi by Nishikant Kamat.

Here are some of the highlights and how the Drishyam 1 and Drishyam 2 differ from one another.

  1. Drishyam 2 is more suspense than Drishyam 1, through out the entire movie, it is more serious and suspense than the part 1.
  2. The film, Drishyam 2 picked up the suspense after interval and mostly last half an hour will surprise everyone.
  3. Victim’s remains (for rituals) received to their parents as per the wish shown at the beginning in the film.
  4. There is no clue left for part three to come after Drishyam 2. Therefore, the goal of the victim’s parents and the family of suspect achieves their goal.
  5. Five more characters added into the films to support the story which were strong. However, the protagonist plays mind-blowing games that revealed on unexpected turns at the end.

Since the victim was wrong in the end, and the story goes with the justice, but suspect save by playing the tricky game that no one expects to see at the end of the movie.  Anyone is welcome to see the movie; you can go alone, with friends and family, or with your kids. Drishyam 2’s entire cast delivered outstanding performances. The movie received 4.8 stars. Vijay Salgaokar is a hero who has finally saved his family.

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