Tequila Works confirms Gylt will see multiplatform release in 2023

Developer Tequila Works announced that its recent title Gylt will be a multiplatform title next year. Gylt first launched on Google Stadia, and with the cloud-based service shutting down in 2023, Tequila Works is ensuring the game doesn’t die with the service. 

Google’s sudden announcement of Stadia’s shut down last has left developers of Stadia-exclusive titles working to bring their games to other platforms. Last week, developer Olde Skuul confirmed that its title Luxor Evolved would release on Stadia in November, followed by PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch in early 2023.

“We’ve been working on it for a long time and it’s finally time to make it official: Gylt is going multiplatform in 2023,” wrote Tequila Works. At time of writing, no specific platforms have been confirmed. 

Though Olde Skuul and Tequila Works have announced their games will release on more systems, other developers are still at work on the process. Developer QGames is currently looking for partners to re-publish its Stadia exclusive, PixelJunk Raiders.

Gylt released in 2019 as the first Stadia exclusive title at launch. The action-adventure title has players play as Sally, a young girl who travels to an alternate world to rescue her cousin.

Previously, Tequila Works indicated that the title would eventually reach other platforms. In 2019, creative director Raúl Rubio Munárriz told Eurogamer “we will try to make Gylt accessible for everyone. […] It’s not a design question, it’s more of a business question.”

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