Takram & Hitachi Map the Journey to Climate Stability

Innovation Design studio Takram co-developed with Hitachi, a beautiful interactive web experience offers practical optimism in the face of climate crisis.

Avoiding climate catastrophe and environmental destruction can seem like an unfathomably complex and insurmountable task. From governments and organizations down to individuals, most of us recognize that change is urgently needed, but many don’t know where to start.

Takram & Hitach map the journey to climate stability

In 2020, the R&D division of Japanese multinational Hitachi embarked on a year-long research project, joining forces with the global innovation studio Takram to create a clear roadmap to a viable sustainable future for the world.

First shown at Hitachi’s exhibition in COP26 in Glasgow, in which Hitachi participated as a Principal Partner, ThreeTransitions.earth is an intuitive, informative and inspiring interactive web experience designed by Takram that provides a framework for thinking about global crises and a starting point for radical action.

Takram & Hitach map the journey to climate stability

Transition thinking – focus on the journey, as well as the destination

To create ThreeTransitions.earth, Takram and Hitachi rooted their thinking in the principles of transition design. This is the idea that it’s impossible to accurately imagine transformational outcomes for the future when you’re embedded in the paradigms of the present. However, by focusing on the process of change rather than the outcome, it becomes possible to develop viable routes to positive futures.

At COP26, Hitachi invited international delegates and the general public to explore the project’s findings via the intuitive and engagingly designed new digital resource. Now, by opening up their research and making it public and accessible online, Takram and Hitachi hope to provide the best possible starting point to improving our relationship with the natural world.

Three routes to a better world

Takram & Hitach map the journey to climate stability

Three Transitions builds on the first iteration of the research conducted by Takram and Hitachi, Transitions to sustainable futures, which was published online in March 2021 and examined nine necessary transitions from the perspective of leading organizations and thought leaders.

Takram & Hitach map the journey to climate stability

Takram & Hitach map the journey to climate stability

For this iteration of the project, the nine transitions have been distilled into three essential and interconnected transformations centered on climate change, biodiversity and human life. For each of the three, the site explains:

  • How transition thinking can help us describe and visualize global challenges;
  • How different pathways and transitions are interconnected;
  • How alternative, positive futures can be imagined in the wake of recent crises;
  • What further resources are available to explore the actors, theories, and data behind each obstacle and breakthrough.


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