In the brio, came across many people, but a stranger was always in mind,

Encountered a long time ago, however still on brain box artistically inclined.

Don’t know why the stranger made me feel strange and welcoming,

Self at all times reckoning, comparing and also cherishing.

The strange man looking at the sea
The strange man looking at the sea

The stranger never revealed his true distinctiveness viz personality,

However, could sense his heart worthy and familiarity gleamingly.

No matter what the stranger never failed to freeze and astonish with his actions,

In addition, on the contrary, constantly endures his inbound competence.

The strange man looking at the sun light
The strange man looking at the sun light

Whenever the stranger made his presence, hard was the feeling to comprehend,

Consequently, never felt abandoned and heart was enlightened.

On the other hand, the stranger’s superiority locomoted to become envious,

At the same time catching sight of him took the wings of camellias.

My inner positive admiration and soft corner for him, he is no more a stranger, hard was to name the relationship.

But he verbalized casually, in fact, in his life am nothing but a normal ordinary human, a passing cloud, accordingly making my brio a film clip.

Days passed by and remembering him occasionally cannot be denied,

Consequently, thinking about whether this known bizarre will take a trip down memory lane when he caught sight hence shines the light.


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