Sega Announces Partnership to Develop new Sangokushi Taisen Game

Sega announced a new partnership with Japan-based blockchain firm double jump tokyo, which has begun development on a new Sangokushi Taisen blockchain game. Once completed, the game will likely be the first Sega property that uses blockchain technology. There is no confirmed release date or platform. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]

double jump tokyo will handle the development of the game, with Sega providing the Sangokushi Taisen license. The game will utilize double jump’s new “Oasys” blockchain project. Originally unveiled in February 2022, the Oasys architecture is reportedly built to support blockchain games. The official Oasys website states that the architecture also supports the trading of NFTs and claims it is “eco-friendly”. Ethereum, one of the primary blockchains supporting NFT-based projects, recently completed a switch to “Proof-of-Stake”, a verification mechanism that is said to dramatically reduce the energy costs to maintain the blockchain. One of the major objections to blockchain-based technology is that the favored mechanism for maintaining it, “Proof-of-Work” , deliberately consumed large amounts of energy through “mining” activity. Bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency system, still uses Proof-of-Work.

Double jump tokyo states that the new blockchain game will feature artwork using the Sangokushi Taisen IP. However, it’s unclear whether the game will keep the strategic card-based gameplay of its predecessor. The official press release simply states that the game will use the established world and themes of Sangokushi Taisen, and does not mention planned systems or mechanics.

You may have heard of double jump tokyo before. That’s because the firm has also worked with the likes of Square Enix and Bandai Namco. Last year, the firm helped Square Enix release its first collection of Million Arthur NFTs. Sega, too, initially expressed interest in entering the blockchain scene. However, the company later stated that it would reconsider plans if players rejected the idea.

Sangokushi Taisen is a hybrid collectible card game for arcades released in 2005. Since the start of the series, Sega has also released games for the Nintendo DS and smartphones, although none of them have appeared officially outside of Japan.

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