See the Helltaker Cerberus and Modeus Nendoroids

Good Smile Company’s WonHobby G 2022 Autumn event involved a peek at the Helltaker Cerberus and Modeus Nendoroids. Prototypes of each of the characters appeared. Cerberus’ were in painted forms, suggesting they are further along. Meanwhile, the Modeus one showed up as an unpainted prototype.

First, here’s a look at how the Cerberus Helltaker Nendoroids will look. The characters appear as a set of triplets in-game. Following a survey asking which folks from the series should get figures next, they were among the characters chosen. Good Smile Company didn’t note how it would handle this one, given all three characters always show up at once. However, it seems there could be one standard-sized Nendoroid produced.
See the Helltaker Cerberus and Modeus Nendoroids 1

As for Modeus, her figure showcases some of her telltale Helltaker accents and accessories. For example, there are hearts in her eyes. Also, there are hearts all around her head.
See the Helltaker Cerberus and Modeus Nendoroids 2

There are already two Nendoroids for the game out. The first figure was of Lucifer. Justice appeared after that.

Helltaker is available for PCs for free on Steam. However, there is a $9.99 version that includes a digital art book and recipe for pancakes. There are no release windows for the Cerberus or Modeus Nendoroids yet.

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