Pokemon Scarlet and Violet – past and future forms revealed in a new trailer

After many months of rumours, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet may have finally confirmed the existence of Paradox Pokemon forms.

In the game’s most recent trailer, we got our first look at the Scarlet and Violet books which provide you with a series of Pokemon with never-before-seen forms for us to hunt down with Arwen.

Let’s take a look at both of the revealed forms, and what this could mean for Pokemon.

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Pokemon Scarlet Great Tusk Quest

The Pokemon Scarlet game will have an expedition book which sees players hunting rare pre-historic forms of Pokemon

The first of the two forms revealed in this latest trailer is known as “Great Tusk” and is a large, pre-historic Donphan with larger curved tusks and an overall more savage design, fitting the intimidating nature of the quest.

The entry in the Scarlet book describes how aggressive Great Tusk is, attacking the expedition team and even mortally wounding one of the explorers in the process.

As of writing, we don’t know if either of these forms will be catchable or usable Pokemon or if they’ll they will revert to a regular Donphan after catching.

This version is exclusive to Pokemon Scarlet and will likely accompany many more unique forms with a pre-historic twist.

Pokemon Violet Iron Treads Quest

Iron Treads is the Pokemon Violet exclusive form of Donphan

The second of the two Donphan forms is the futuristic version found in the Violet book and is known as Iron Treads.

This form has proven to be the least popular of the two, with its design being somewhat ridiculed online.

Unlike Great Tusk, Iron Treads is an all-metallic design, being a robotic Donphan that seemingly focuses on the rolling aspect of the design, with its entry talking about how the monster leaves a trail gouged into the ground, scorching the earth when it uses the move Rollout.

This Pokemon will be a version exclusive form to the Pokemon Violet game, which will feature many futuristic forms like it.

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