Poem | Ten Year

I Once Knew A Woman
Her Name Is Evelyn
Her Primary Concern Is More
Than The Book Of Ruth and Esther
Evelyn Is Possess Of That Melody
That Beams Forth Sound Heavenly
She’s Wonderful, Hands-On
Generous And Unselfish
Utterly Without Prejudice
I Witnessed This Woman
Been Hit Mercilessly
In The Mourning So Early
The Marriage Bells
Sings A Song
She Couldn’t Help
But To Sing Along
From The Spoils Of Her Lungs
She Reeks Of The Stench
Of Domestic Violence
Silence. . .
The Act Of Her Essence
For The Whisper She Stole
In Her Penance
The Further The Pain
She Incur With Menace
And I Be Wondering
Looking Into Her Eyes Like
“I’m Sorry, Sister You Wrong
Your Memory’s Replaying It All
It’s Written On The Wall
It Could Be The Flight Of Your Fall”
Heaven You Deem
All That She See Or Seem
A Thought Within A Thought
Her Heart Is In Her Boot
As She Lingers On
Her Aura He Pollute
She’s Left With
No Choice But
To Play The Victim
And The Villain:
Being Subjected
To An Action Without
Producing A Reaction
She “Trust And Obey”
But He Lacks Goodwill
She Abide With Him Still
In The Marital Spill
That Looks Good Visibly
But Fails Miserably
Creating A Paradox
A Ponzi Scheme
Built On Deceit
And Lies By Him
ILL At Ease
He Bears Ill will
Towards Her
Enforced To Mourn His Scars
In His Lax Conduct Of Perfidy
Being Steadfast In Her Faith
Armed With Her Spiritual Bellicosity
Evelyn’s Piety Led The Battle
To The War Room
But Still Her Agony Looms
The Tears Falling Off From
Her Fine Cheeks Blooms
Trickles. . .
Ridicules. . .
His Touches Fickles
She Pressed On Earnestly
Merrily, Merrily, Merily
He Preys On That Feels
Battered Her At Will
Treated Her Raw
Constantly Yelling At Her
Pulling Her By The Hair
Dragged Her Quietly
She Cried Silently
He Raped Her Dreams Violently
To Prove How Cold Hearted
Of A Man He Is
Now She’s Feeling Shallow
Empty And Cold
What Manner Of Man
Would Breathe With
Heart Of Steel?
That Which Stretches
From Mile-To-Mile
Has Lost Its Space In Time
Of Smile-To-Smile
What If. . .
Unlike Adam and Eve
He’s Been Healed Of Reef
She’s Bereaved
Of The Old Him
Proclaimed At The Altar
For Ten Years Now
Walking Accordingly
She Don’t Wanna Falter
Second In Rank
Equal In Order
She’s Not Delusional
She’s In A Convulsed Flame
That Burns Her
In A State So Rare
She Couldn’t Be Heard
Over The Blare
Heaven Give Me Voice
(She Cries To The Skies
Because She’s Lonely And Scared)
To Tell What I’m Feeling
To Fill Up This Space I’m Needing
Oh, Heavens
Let My Plea Reach You
This Desperation
Could Cease My
Heart From Racing
The Devil Followed Her
His Darkness Swallowed Her
Only The Devil Showed Up
Because God Wasn’t There
The Untoward Future
The Splitting Overture
Dandling Her Soul

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