Poem | Hope

Hope! Hope! Hope!

Another virtue been murdered
by the light of darkness
covering the Rock where
all-power is seated – there
you find commercial men
of self-interest in active
duty of looting public fund.

Hope! Hope! Hope!

Another virtue been kidnapped
by grey-and-frail political leaders;
oh poor youth hopeless of ransom.
The bone and flesh of freedom
been set up with unrighteous calling.

Hope! Hope! Hope!

I see nothing in sight but chaos
whenever I search for peace in
the eyes of that 12yo boy living
his fears under Oshodi bridge

Hope! Hope! Hope!

That punctured the innocence of
that little girl begging to stay alive
in the face of uncertainty.

Hope! Hope! Hope!

Where are you in the presence
of HOPE as you and I seek
refugee in strange Land?

Hope wouldn’t answer to us
because she’s been silence
with the force of a gun.

Hope… is you and I!



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