Organizing, building and creating — BC Alliance for Arts + Culture

Maya Preshyon of Vancouver Black Library 

Dec 7th, 2022 @ 1pm PST (Zoom)

How do we redefine a genuine sense of belonging in our local communities?

Join the Alliance and Maya Preshyon, founder and Executive Director of Vancouver Black Library in a conversation about why it’s so important to trust youth organizers, and give them agency and support in the development of new systems and ways of working together.

The event is intended to be a safe space where members of all communities are welcomed to convene, share inspiration and identify new creative solutions. 

This series of workshops is free to the public. We hope that you enjoy connecting with the wonderful people facilitating these sessions. 

Please consider making a donation to the BC Alliance for Arts + Culture to support the creation of inclusive, engaging and impactful programs. 

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