New Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Event Quest Features Gore Magala

A new Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Event Quest is here, and the Gore Magala is the star. Capcom shared details about it on Twitter. People who tackle Event Quest: Roar of the Black Eclipse will be rewarded with points.

Capcom noted this Event Quest is specifically designed to help prepare for Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Free Title Update 3. It referenced building up the Hunter and Master Ranks to access new content. Typically, such quests can award points or do things like provide access to new items. For example, a past quest involving a Rathian and Rathalos included a monocle as a reward.

There’ll be another Gore Magala challenge coming to Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak soon. When Title Update 3 appears, it will introduce Chaotic Gore Magala. This is described as a version of the creature that occurs when Gora Magala is shedding to become Shagaru Magala. As a result, it features attacks from both monsters’ movesets. Should someone want to face it, they’ll need to be at Master Rank 10. The other monsters in that update, Risen Kushala Daora and Risen Teostra, feature higher requirements.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak is available for the Nintendo Switch and PC. The free Title Update 3 release date is November 24, 2022.

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