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These 5 amazing my weight loss journey. These are Instagram inspiration for you. Follow them and get your daily diet, schedule, exercise and many more.

My Weight loss Journey | Tracy, A consultant @la.one2one

“Gosh another year nearly gone !! What a year it has been ! I have been up and down on plan this and found it really hard at times. I definitely wanted to give up at times because I thought what was the point. But I’ve kept going, new days, restarting, and just kept weighing in when I could.
I’m know where near where I was last Christmas but I’m not where I was before.
I will get back to where I was and then on to my target ! But I will enjoy my time.”

Not posted for a while !!
Struggling a little at the minute. Like everyone I’ve got a lot going off and still battling the binge and emotional eating !!
But I’m still trying, still going to weigh ins and keeping an eye on what I’m doing !! Regularly checking in with my consultant not hiding away and giving up !
But I’m not back to who I was, I’m glad I’ve got before photos to look at and keep me wanting to carry on 🙂
Over the next few months I’ve got lots to look forward, my first convention with one 2 one, meals/drinks out and obviously Christmas. I want to keep going to feel confident in me and what I’m wearing 🙂 xx

Gaining 100lbs taught me importance of physical health. Losing over 100lbs taught me I could do anything I put my mind to, but at what cost? Gaining 20lbs back taught me how to heal, love, and take care of myself mentally. Maintaining has given me joy, balance, and gratitude.
[If/when I make weight loss priority again to lose any amount of weight, I won’t also measure my worth along with it. And I’ll appreciate myself a lot more than I did before.]

I am really proud of myself in 2022. It was a hard year. I prioritized myself and my mental health above all and stepping into that accountability was hard and painful AF.

I kept going on blind faith when I couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. I kept fighting when it didn’t feel like it was helping and I wanted to give up. I trusted the Lord and the smart people of support He helped put around me. I stuck with it. I stuck with it, and came out on the other side. Amen!

What a transformation. What a resolution. What a journey this year has been.

This year did not teach me to work hard and life will be easy. It taught me that I could do hard things. It taught me to trust myself and lean into the process the next time I face a challenge, no matter how big or small. It taught me that no matter what I go through, the most important thing I can do is show up for myself and the rest will fall into place.

I’ve never ended a year feeling so safe, calm, trusting, supported, joyful and happy. Ever. This is incredible. I’m beyond excited for 2023, come
what may. The good, the bad, or the ugly. #2022recap #joy #reflection

I hardly have any full body pics from the past, I was never body happy ….. but now I’m beginning to love my curves 

My Weight loss Journey

“in the past I would have struggled with not seeing loses but now I feel so much more in control ! I know I’m eating well, exercising but also dealing with life & challenges and not letting it effect me with food decisions. It’s the most relaxed & in control I’ve been in …….. well forever ! And I’m so proud of that !!! NSV ! Keep going ……. Keep positive ……. And don’t give up!!”

Her food is mostly included with vitamins. She takes eggs, beans, rice and berries. She has also included her diet with radish, chicken and potatoes.

Diana’s Easy Weight Loss Recipe from Instagram has more inspiring stories

Follow her for her latest tricks and hacks for better weight loss stories.

Make excuses or make changes. The choice is yours.


This I’ve been telling myself over and over. I get so excited, feel great and proud of myself when I workout. My mind and body feel amazing. Then I stop being consistent with them and WOW do I get so hard on myself! I need to get my mind in gear and get sh*t done! I’m thankful that I’m not at the weight I used to be and haven’t gained it all back but I’ve taken steps backwards and not thrilled. Time for me to stop feeling sorry for myself and just DO THIS!! 👊🏼

If any of you out there are struggling like I am…let’s stop being hard on ourselves. Let’s start from wherever we are. Let’s remember that ANY movement no matter how big or small is important. Let’s also remind ourselves that there is no race, there are no judgements, there are no comparing of each other. This is our own individual journey! Life is too short…let’s take care of ourselves and live our best healthiest life!

Don’t forget where you started and why.

Journey to Better Tara | My Weight loss Journey

My Weight loss Journey
My Weight loss Journey | Image © Tara

Don’t give up on yourself. When it feels too hard and we think we can’t handle it all, we can! We are so strong and we will figure things out. (Yes. Im talking to myself right now.)

No matter what we’re going through in life, taking good care of ourself will always help us manage challenges even better.

Today is rough. I’m sick, I’m worried, I’m sad. But I can still put one foot in front of another and take care of me.

It’s Christmas Eve Eve! I hope you are doing well! 💚❤️

My Weight loss Journey

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