Mordhau developer Triternion gets minority investment from Tencent

Triternion is the newest game developer to catch the eye of Tencent. The tech giant recently invested a minority stake into the developer, and Triternion CEO Marko Grgurovic already plans on using the funds to support studio’s current and future projects.

“Tencent’s investment will allow us to keep building on the success of Mordhau and grow the game across other platforms,” explained Grgurovic. “On top of this, it will help expand our team and accelerate the development and launch of new IP.”

Based in Slovenia, Triternion released its hack-and-slash title Mordhau on PC in 2019. It saw quick success, and has gone to sell over 2 million units. 

As previously stated, Tencent’s been on an investment spree this year. Earlier in the month, it bought a large stake of Guillemot Brothers Ltd., shareholders of Ubisoft. Tencent now has a near-50 percent stake in the Guillemot Brothers company, which in turn has a minority stake in Ubisoft itself.

In late August, Tencent upped its stake in Elden Ring developer From Software to 16.3 percent. From’s parent company Kadowaka plans on using that investment to leverage Tencent’s knowledge of launching products in China. 

Even outside of Tencent, stakes have been important amongst game companies this year. In August, Square Enix said it would be selling off its stakes in its various western studios as it pivoted to its Japanese developers and games. 

Earlier in the week, Focus Entertainment acquired a majority stake in Verdun maker BlackMill Games. 

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