LISTEN: Rich Delinquent Drops Thrilling Single, “No Saint”

Ending the year on a high note, emerging pop star Rich Delinquent returns with his thrilling new single “No Saint.” An edgy track that focuses on Rich Delinquent’s ability to blend high-quality production with hauntingly lush vocals, “No Saint” is his most provocative single yet. Centered around the lead character Patrick Bateman in American Psycho, Rich Delinquent captures the mind of this possessed character with vivid songwriting and trippy synth melodies to deliver an addictive sonic soundscape. If you love music that melds a deliciously dark blend of electronic, hip-hop, and emo sounds, look no further than “No Saint.”

“At times it feels like I only have a devil on my shoulder guiding me down the wrong path, usually I can keep him at bay but sometimes I lose faith in myself and give in to the darkness… this is No Saint.” Rich Delinquent

Enjoy the thrilling music video below.

Rich Delinquent – No Saint


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LISTEN: Rich Delinquent Drops Thrilling Single, “No Saint”

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