Kyedae Hits Immortal 1 in Valorant

On 27th December, content creator and streamer for 100 Thieves Kyedae “Kyedae” Shymko took to Twitter to reveal that she finally hit Immortal 1 in Valorant ranked mode. After she posted this achievement, many Valorant pro players and esports personalities have been congratulating her and cheering her on. However, Kyedae revealed that she then dropped back from Immortal 1 to Ascendant again and added that she will reset and “go next.” She also stated that she will always have people doubting her and noted that she plays Valorant 99% on stream so that everyone sees her personal progress.

Kyedae , “We got immortal!!! Ty to everyone who carried me on my rank up 😭 I played like s***. It’s been a journey these past 2 years :)))

Kyedae “really happy” with her improvement

Though Kyedae celebrated her rank up to Immortal 1 in Valorant competitive, she was honest and noted that she immediately dropped back down. She wrote, “We lost it [Immortal 1] again today ‘cause I’ve been playing like s*** but we reset. Gg, go next.

Kyedae also noted that she actually deserves it. “I dropped 35 and we f**** lost 😭 I got hella boosted on my rank up but I’ve been really happy with my improvement,” she .

Valorant Game Changers pro player Melanie “meL” Capone that she was really proud of Kyedae and Kyedae replied, “Remember when we played together when I was silver? Those were the days.

While Kyedae thanked everyone that carried her to Immortal, people in her comments pointed out that she was the most valuable player (MVP) on her team in most of the games and commended her for getting MVP while playing a controller agent like Omen.

One of the users took a dig at her and , “Coincidentally all Omen match MVPs to get you close to a rank up were off stream almost as if you said to Tyson [TenZ] please get me close to rank up for my stream lmfao as displayed by you going 96 ACS first game on stream right after 4 match mvps. Oh and 2-16 Lyly won’t show that,” 

While the Twitter user doubted her rank up to Immortal and questioned why this was off-stream, Kyedae simply , “lol like I said I played like s*** today and lost immortal. I’ll get people continuously doubting me but it’s all good! I play this game 99% on stream so everyone can see my personal progress. I know I’ll never go pro. This is just for me and for my viewers to see!

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