KHIVA Drops Genre-Bending EP, “Phantom Forces” –

Electronic music producer and rapper Khiva has dropped a new EP, Phantom Forces.

The Canadian DJ and TRUTH protégé has been making waves throughout both the electronic and hip-hop scenes through her fusion of emotive, bass-driven production and metaphorical lyricism. Wrapped in six stunning singles, Phantom Forces paints a vivid sonic landscape replete with ethereal soundscapes, deep bass and fiery sound design.

“More than ever I’m being called to remain uncompromising in my art and path, honoring the core values that fuel my project and life and ensuring my dedications to myself and the world are in alignment,” Khiva said in a statement. “Phantom Forces built itself as a body of work touching on similar topics but from different perspectives, all with a quite different energy. I kind of look at the tracks as a bunch of separate personalities all working together on a group project with a common goal and each member taking a page from the other’s book to come to an unanimous ‘conclusion.’

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