James Gunn On New Interconnected DC

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Newly appointed co-CEO of DC Studios James Gunn has confirmed that the crossover potential of the new DC Universe will run across multiple mediums beyond just film and television.

Answering fan questions on Twitter during the promotion of Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special,” Gunn was asked if he intends to create more shows for established live-action DC protagonists.

He responded: “Yes, most definitely” before saying: “The DCU will be connected across film and TV (and animation).” He later confirms there are plans to connect games as well, and that the ‘animation’ he refers to will include both 2D and 3D efforts.

So will everything be connected? Not everything. Asked if there will still be some standalone animation or live-action shows that take place in separate worlds (eg. HBO Max’s “Harley Quinn”), he responded: “Yes, some.”

That would suggest certain projects will remain outside of the main new canon, including likely his own “Peacemaker” series along with existing projects like “Joker: Folie a Deux” and Matt Reeves’ Batman-verse.

Gunn, who confirmed that he would continue to write and direct ‘select DC projects’ in the future, also revealed in his Q&A that in his dealings on social media, he found Booster Gold the most requested new character to be included.

Both Gunn and co-chair Peter Safran are currently at work on a DC Universe bible mapping out the next decade for DC, with their work on that almost done. Those plans will be revealed to Warner Bros. Discovery executives soon. When details will be made available to the general public isn’t so clear.

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