Indie Pop Duo Beau on Their New EP and the Band’s Future in the Music Industry

Life Twice is a melancholy EP with soft-pop melodies, propelling rhythms, and haunting vocals, released early in September by New Yorkers Heather Goldin and Emma Jenney, better known as the vibrant indie-pop group Beau. Heather Goldin found time during the group’s fall tour to answer some of AllMusic’s questions about the EP, and the band’s future in the music industry.

AllMusic: How involved were you in the music video directing process?

Heather Goldin: “We definitely had involvement in the video direction or inspired the direction. We felt a great level of trust from the video team and director Brandon Herman so we didn’t have to give too much direction really. Brandon got our vibe right away and had great ideas.”

Heather went on to share “I think Brandon did a great job of showing the different facets of who we are and how we act during a performance or a photo shoot. I really think Emma and I adapt well to different scenarios and it makes sense because we are awesome people.”

Fall Tour

AllMusic: How did the first half of the tour go in New York and California?

Goldin: “It went remarkably well. I felt such a heightened level of appreciation and engagement from the crowd. That’s so important.”

AllMusic: What do you feel as the second half of the tour draws closer? Are you excited about performing in Boston, Philadelphia, and D.C.?

Goldin: (Heather briefly spoke about recently quitting beef, and said she was) “most excited to find a good vegan cheesesteak.” She also said she was “looking forward to the awesome people of D.C.” and visiting Boston for the first time.

The Future of Beau

AllMusic: Are you considering exploring new genres of music or new musical directions?

Goldin: “I think we are always exploring new genres of music and taking different directions with each song we make. Definitely always open as long as it sounds good and sounds like music.”

AllMusic: What is coming next from Beau after Life Twice?

Goldin: “More music for sure. More singing. More dancing.”

Creating Life Twice

AllMusic: What does your song creation process look like?

Goldin: “Our song creation process is very similar to having a sketchbook full of drawings and picking through the ones that speak out to you. In other words, having a diary of songs/ideas as well as just writing on the spot always works for us. We are never short of ideas.”

AllMusic: The EP seems to be about metamorphosis and personal growth. What inspired that path?

Goldin: “I think reaching the later half of our 20’s inspired a path of change more than anything. We both absorbed a lot in the last few years that felt very different than ever before and we were able to transform into stronger songwriters as a result. I think that it was a fairly natural process.”

AllMusic: What are your favorite parts of the songwriting process?

Goldin: “My favorite parts of the songwriting process are getting to the final lyric. It always feels like a wave of success getting to that point because it can sometimes be a battle between yourself and well, yourself.”

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