How to Fix Overwatch 2’s LC-208 Error

Overwatch 2 underwent maintenance this weekend and players started experiencing a new LC-208 error that is preventing players from logging into the game. The error is more common on PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch but it may show up on other platforms too. Blizzard Entertainment is currently working on a fix and the error should be resolved soon. The publisher has already rolled out fixes for a number of players but some players are still affected by the issue.

Overwatch 2’s LC-208 will be fixed on 10th October

Blizzard Entertainment revealed that the publisher is working on a fix for players who are still affected by the LC-208 issue. Fixes are being rolled out for accounts and the publisher will offer a more detailed update by 10th October. Until then, players who are affected by the issue will have to spend the current weekend without getting to play Overwatch 2.

Account migration is also facing issues currently due to the error. With many players on PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch unable to play the game, they are trying to migrate to other platforms, which has proven impossible due to the queues.

If you are experiencing the issues, you can keep an eye out on the official Twitter thread which is being updated as Blizzard makes progress on the issue. If you are facing issues with account migration, you can try the following:

  1. Log in to your to complete registration

  2. Check if your account already has a console account linked to it. Each account may only have one PSN, one Xbox Live, and one Nintendo Switch account linked.

  3. Check if your console account is already linked to a different account. The same console account cannot be linked to multiple accounts

  4. your account. 

  5. Re-link your console accounts to

Disclaimer: There is a 365-day cooldown to link to a different account. Make sure that you are linking the same console account to your ID.

We recommend not using the account migration feature as there are very long queues and people are stuck for hours due to server issues. You should wait for Blizzard to fix the ongoing issues before proceeding with account migration or account linking as players are reporting missing items, locked heroes, and other bugs.

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