History, significance, and theme of World Soil Day 2022

World Soil Day 2022 (WSD) is celebrated on December 5 to raise awareness of the importance of healthy soil and encourage the responsible management of soil resources. On World Soil Day, people are urged to think about managing soil resources responsibly. The primary objective of the day is to raise public awareness of the serious environmental problems that soil degradation can cause, including erosion, the loss of organic matter, and a decline in soil fertility.

The Global Soil Partnership (GSP) has been able to attract the interest of both soil specialists and amateurs since the first World Soil Day in 2014, which means that more individuals are connecting and cooperating to preserve soils with each passing year. The number of events on World Soil Day has multiplied, going from 42 in 2014 to about 781 in 125 nations in 2021.

By giving plants vital nutrients, soil sustains life on our planet. It also supports a sizable and diverse community of organisms that improve the structure of the soil, recycle essential nutrients, and help control weeds, plant pests, and diseases. Another important aspect is that healthy soil slows down global warming by maintaining or even increasing soil organic carbon. The basis of food systems, soil is where all plants utilised in food production grow.

Poor agricultural land management and industrialization both lower soil quality. Despite initiatives to increase awareness of soil’s importance, World Soil Day underscores what extra needs to be done to conserve it. Soil degradation is not as obvious to the average person as other natural resources are. Although it is a slow, quiet process that takes its sweet time, the outcomes might be disastrous. This year’s World Soil Day has as its theme “Soils: Where Food Begins.”

2022 World Soil Day: Theme

“Soils: Where Food Begins” will be the focus of World Soil Day in 2022. The significance of preserving healthy ecosystems and human welfare is emphasised. The subject intends to draw attention to the expanding changes in soil management, raise knowledge of soil issues, and motivate individuals to take action to enhance soil health.


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