Hellsinger Arrives on PS4 & Xbox One Alongside Big New Update

Metal: Hellsinger released in September on the PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S, and now it is coming to even more platforms on December 8. The Outsiders officially announced that the rhythmic shooter is making its way to PS4 and Xbox One alongside a meaty update full of new content. 

Along with various bug fixes, balance changes, and performance optimizations, this 1.5 patch introduces a new harder difficulty mode called Archdevil. This setting unleashes a bigger horde of stronger demons and takes away the last stand mechanic, meaning players can’t revive if they go down. 

The 1.5 patch also adds more ways to extend combos. Doing certain actions on consecutive beats like killing a demon, soaring, and then killing another demon will yield more Fury and a higher score. These additions come alongside the new Elite Seraph enemy and Coat of Arms collectibles. There’s one Coat of Arms in every level on each difficulty and they reward users with new weapon skins at certain thresholds. The new demon, however, wasn’t detailed. More specific patch notes should be on the game’s forums soon.

It wasn’t exactly a secret that Metal: Hellsinger was headed to the previous generation of hardware. Xbox recently said that the title was coming to Game Pass on Xbox One, insinuating it would be available on the last batch of consoles quite soon.

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