From FRANCE 24 to Hollywood: Former presenter Angela Yeoh on her role in ‘She Said’


Angela Yeoh is on the road to stardom with her role in the #MeToo film “She Said”, about the investigation into Harvey Weinstein. The former FRANCE 24 presenter plays Rowena Chiu, the Hollywood producer’s former assistant, in the movie directed by Maria Shrader. Carey Mulligan and Zoe Kazan play the New York Times journalists who exposed the film producer. Angela speaks to Eve Jackson about her role and how she went from FRANCE 24 to the audition rooms of Hollywood. Weinstein is serving 23 years in prison and is currently on trial in Los Angeles on other sexual assault claims.

We also talk about the controversy behind Pakistan’s first ever entry for the Oscars. The groundbreaking feature “Joyland” has received global accolades: it was the first Pakistani film to be shown at the Cannes Film Festival, where it won a number of prizes. But just before it was due to be released at home, this story of a transgender love affair was banned in Pakistan for being “highly objectionable material”. If a film is not released in its country of origin it cannot compete for an Academy Award. The ban has now been overturned.

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