Fran Unveil New Song ‘Palm Trees’

Maria Jacobson, the Chicago singer-songwriter who records as Fran, has shared a new song called ‘Palm Trees’. It’s the latest offering from the band’s upcoming album Leaving, which includes the earlier singles ‘So Long’ and ‘Limousine’. The track features Macie Stewart on violin and Whitney Johnson on viola. Give it a listen below.

“I wrote ‘Palm Trees’ during a hot summer in 2019 after reading an article about how we only had 18 months to ‘figure out’ climate change,” Jacobson explained in a statement. “That deadline has long since passed, and our inaction has drawn us closer to some unknown scary future where we can’t guarantee what reality will be outside our front doors. So, ‘Palm Trees’ is a plea. It’s about holding on to what I understand, wishing the natural world could stay how I remember it.”

Leaving is set for release on January 20 via Fire Talk Records.

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