Final Fantasy Mascot Glasses Will Ship Out in 2023

Square Enix will release round cocktail glasses of the Cactuar, Chocobo, and Moogle, mascots from the Final Fantasy series. These will come out in March 2023 and cost 1518 JPY per cup. That would be around $11.15. Because of the design, you can use it as both a drinking cup or as something to hold small ornaments. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

If you want the mascots to look like how they appear in-game, you will need to use drinks that match their color. However, that is not to say the cups are completely see-through. There are yellow wings on the Chocobo glass. As well, the back of the Moogle cup has its signature purple wings and orange bobble.

You can see more pictures of the Final Fantasy mascot glasses here:

Because the entire cup has patterns depicting the mascots, you can potentially use them as little containers. If you put an opaque or colorful drink inside of it, it blocks out one side of the design. Their design should make them fairly difficult to knock over. However, it would be the safest to place them where you cannot bump into them if you choose to use them for decor.

You can pre-order the Final Fantasy mascot glasses from the Japanese Square Enix website. They are not yet on the North America site.

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