Fennel Adversity Wild Rift Pro Player Domeng Passed Away

Fennel Adversity’s League of Legends: Wild Rift pro player Domino “Domeng” Magbanua has passed away. The pro player was the team’s jungler since 2021, and had spearheaded his squad into taking two championships and four runner-up titles. Domeng is also considered as one of the fan-favorite pro players in the Wild Rift community in the Philippines (PH). The cause of his death is yet to be officially confirmed, but according to , he committed suicide. Shortly after the news of Domeng’s death went public, Wild Rift fans and personalities posted their condolences and final messages for the pro player. 

Wild Rift community mourns the death of Fennel Adversity’s Domeng

One of the most iconic Wild Rift pro players in the Philippines, Domeng, also known as Domengsanity and Domengphobia, has passed away allegedly due to suicide. This was revealed through a Facebook post from one of his close friends, Jeffrien Villafria.

According to Jeffrien, they were supposed to meet up with Domeng at the airport and catch up about their lives. However, it was revealed that the pro player had taken his own life prior to their scheduled meeting.

“The story was we were to meet you at the airport tomorrow but we no longer have someone to meet tomorrow, we have a lot of stories to tell you, I even prepared a few jokes to tease you tomorrow. what you did was a wrong move but we can’t do anything if you wanted to rest, we can’t turn back time to which you could have just talked to us so we can help you. I just hope you are happy now wherever you are. We really love you Domino Magbanua and you know it since we used to walk just so we can pay for Internet cafés. Rest in peace dom, we really miss you and we really love you,” the post captioned.

On a separate post, Jeffrien stated that he had been reaching out to Domeng, but the pro player stated he was fine and he wanted to go home.

Various popular Wild Rift talents have also shared their condolences and mourned for the death of Domeng.

Mental stress and anxiety are common issues in the esports scene. This was also one of the reasons why Team Secret’s captain announced his retirement as a Wild Rift pro player. This is why esports organizations should double up on providing their talents with the necessary tools to help with their mental health.

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