Fate/Grand Order Scathach-Skadi Figure is Ready For Magic

Good Smile Company opened up pre-orders of a scale figure of Scathach-Skadi (Caster) from Fate/Grand Order. Pre-orders will close on January 26, 2023. She will cost 26,800 JPY and ship out in February 2024 for Japan. Those in North America will have to pay $186.99 and can expect to see her in April 2024.

The Scathach-Skadi figure is a 1/7 scale one, standing at approximately 300 millimeters in height. She is in her third Ascension, in which she wears a pale lilac dress and has her hair up in a ponytail. Her pose does not appear to draw any inspiration from the game. She wields her wand high in the air, and there are crystals at the base of the figure.

Here are some more pictures of the Fate/Grand Order Scathach-Skadi figure:

In Fate/Grand Order, Scathach-Skadi as Caster was the Queen of the Scandinavian Lostbelt. Though she has the same appearance as Scathach, her personality is completely different, as she is more Skadi than Scathach. Not only was she the Queen of the second Lostbelt, but she is a goddess as well. In the Summer 2022 event on the Japanese server, a swimsuit version of Scathach-Skadi was in the gacha as an SSR Ruler.

The Fate/Grand Order Scathach-Skadi (Caster) figure will come out in February 2024 for Japan and April 2024 for North America. Fate/Grand Order is readily available on worldwide devices.

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