Escape From Tarkov Halloween Event Start/End Times, Challenges, Pumpkin Loot Rewards & Tagilla Spawn Locations


Get ahead of the game by learning everything we currently know about the Escape From Tarkov Halloween Event!

The latest Tarkov event, this time for Halloween, launched yesterday October 27th. Tarkov at times can feel extremely realistic, but that is what makes it immersive right? There are definitely some things in this event that will make you look twice! With that said, let’s jump right into Escape From Tarkov Halloween event start/end times, challenges, pumpkin loot rewards, and Tagilla spawn locations.

Escape From Tarkov Halloween Challenges and Tagilla Changes

Many things, including a more deadly and more active Tagilla, have been added to the game.


  • Cultists have around a 20 percent chance to spawn on every map (except Labs)
  • Cultists can severely poison you, although it is cured for free upon death
  • Upon entering a map, you have random effects added to your character which range from positive to negative (usually negative)
  • There are lootable pumpkins that have a variety of items to acquire
  • Tagilla can spawn on any map

Tagilla Changes

An image with a note explaining how Tagilla has been found running outside of factory with a giant scythe

As stated earlier, Tagilla has had some pretty massive changes in regard to spawn locations and his ability to kill you.

  • Tagilla has replaced the sledgehammer with a giant scythe
  • Tagilla now has vastly increased health
  • The latest changes make the boss have faster movement speed, and he is more common to come across

Tagilla’s New Spawn Chance and Locations

All the details of Tagilla have been found thanks to Logical Solution on Twitter, who quickly released important information regarding the update.

Tagilla has a 30% chance to spawn, on average, for every map.

  • Interchange – 33% – Can spawn everywhere
  • Lighthouse – 30% – Chalet(s) or Lighthouse Island
  • Reserve – 33% – Same spawn(s) as Gluhar
  • Shoreline – 35% – East/West Wings and Cottage House
  • Woods – 22% – Big Rocks, Red House, Scav Bunker
  • Customs – 29% – Dorms, Stronghold, Old Gas
  • Factory – 30% – Anywhere
  • Labs – 33% – Floor 1 and Floor 2

Pumpkin Head Loot and Accessory

Image of a dead scav wearing the Jack-o'-Lantern Tactical Pumpkin Helmet

The Jack-o’-Lantern Tactical Pumpkin Helmet can be found randomly on scavs on any map, it provides somewhat poor stats and provides most of its value from being a fun cosmetic you can wear on your head.

As far as the lootable pumpkin stashes go, they can be found like any other crate on any map; however, you must extract from the raid with one in your inventory in order to loot them. Upon opening, you destroy the item and are given the rewards. Virtually always, the player will simply receive an extensive amount of consumables: foods and medications.

Although, there probably is a very small chance of something legendary dropping…

This concludes all the information we have on Escape From Tarkov Halloween event start/end times, challenges, pumpkin loot rewards and Tagilla spawn locations. Currently, the day the event ends is unknown. Until then, make sure you get your loot and enjoy the fresh features! If you are a new player, be sure to get ahead of the curve by playing on the best maps for your experience level– just watch out for Tagilla.

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