Escape Academy reveals trailer for new DLC, releasing this November

Escape Academy, the surprise hit inspired by escape room puzzles, has just premiered a new trailer for its very first DLC, “Escape From Anti-Escape Island”. The expansion will be available on PC, Steam, Xbox and PlayStation next week on November 10th, 2022. It includes five new levels, a new story, and more music.

Today’s new trailer premiered as part of this year’s “Day of the Devs”, which has been celebrating indie games and their teams for ten years now. In addition to today’s livestream, the showcase is coming to San Fransisco live this Saturday. This hasn’t been feasible lately due to the pandemic, which cancelled a host of other live events in the gaming industry, but indie devs really need a showcase the most.

Escape Academy was definitely a sleeper hit, largely receiving positive reviews. We gave the game a strong review too, back in July. The puzzles are creative and challenging, but they’re also presented in a unique way, so that no two levels truly feel the same.

The most memorable level is probably the drowning race, where players must solve puzzles in rapidly flooding rooms. It’s one of the few times a game could boast as much drowning tension as Sonic the Hedgehog.

However, the puzzles never feel totally insurmountable either, allowing players to feel clever with each success. Meanwhile, the story itself was simple and maintained a playful sense of humor.

The DLC looks like it’s really leaning into the zany side of things, which will be less accessible for some. But it certainly makes the most of the video game medium, where anything is possible. As long as the puzzles remain innovative, there’s no complaining here. There’s a decent number of new levels, and furthering the narrative is a welcome surprise.

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