Dota Patch 7.32c Hits Marci, Death Prophet, and Refresher Shard With Major Nerfs

The International 2022 (TI11) Battle Pass Cover Art

With The International 2022 (TI11) slowly closing in, Valve released Patch 7.32c earlier today for Dota 2 to further balance the game.

Chen Loading Screen

It has not been a good patch for Chen, as Chen’s abilities took a heavy hit as both Divine Favor & Holy Persuasion got nerfed, making it harder to deal significant damage with its creep army.

Marci’s Wallpaper

After originating from Netflix’s DOTA: Dragon’s Blood, Marci has become a staple pick in the competitive scene due to her flexible abilities either as an offlaner or soft support.

Marci’s Wallpaper

However, nerfs to most of her abilities might hinder her ratings as Unleash’s movement and attack speed modifier no longer pierce Spell Immunity, meaning that BKB’s are more effective against her.

Death Prophet Loading Screen

Death Prophet has enjoyed her time in the spotlight mainly due to her tankiness with Spirit Siphon and the ridiculous damage she deals with Exorcism, despite having a meager 12.68% pick rate.

Death Prophet Loading Screen

While she is still popular amongst professional teams, nerfs to Spirit Siphon’s charge restore time and Exorcism’s active movement speed bonus might become a factor for its eventual demise.

Refresher Shard

Heroes such as Enigma, Tidehunter and even Undying might be in for a hard time as Valve announced that Refresher Orb and Shard will be sharing its cooldown with each other.

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