Daily yoga practice of these 6 shapes give amazing health benefits

Yoga is one of the yogic arts and a proven body-maintenance technique. Daily yoga practice of these six different yoga poses gives numerous benefits, including stress relief and mental health benefits. Therefore, it is doable anywhere without a coach.

Yoga postures, commonly referred to as asanas, are physical positions that work every muscle in your body as well as your joints, spine, and complete skeletal system. They maintain the health of all systems by having a positive impact on not only the physical structure of the body but also the interior organs, glands, and nerves. Asanas energise the body, mind, and soul while easing tension and promoting relaxation.

Circular Yoga Pose | Mandalasana

Circular yoga pose Daily yoga practice

This circular yoga helps you stretch the stomach muscles, free your neck muscles, and give your waist a twist to release body stress.

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Crescent Yoga Pose | Anjaneyasana

Crescent yoga pose, somewhat, one of the steps of Surya Namaskar that helps you. Virabhadrasana (a warrior pose) Anjaneyasana increases concentration of the person. This has been brought into modern Yoga in 20th century.

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Daily yoga practice warrior pose

Rectangular Yoga Pose

Daily yoga practice rectangular pose

Rectangular pose in yoga help you free the tension from your both the hands. Also, tighten the muscles from shoulder to toes keep the veins free from blood clotting.

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Square Yoga pose

The square pose in yogaasana increases concentrations and help us how to balance on one leg. This pose circulate the blood in each part of the body. 2-4 mins daily helps a lot.

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Daily yoga practice square pose

Star Yoga Pose

Daily yoga practice star shape

Star shape asana is somewhat warrior yoga pose. This improve pelvic cavity symptoms, which reduce urinary and bowel changes.

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Triangle Yoga Pose

Trikonaasana or Triangle yoga pose is very beneficial for overall health. It gives good exercise to the entire body.

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Daily yoga practice slim woman doing yoga in triangle pose

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