COURTNEY LOVE Wrote A Song Called “Justice For Kurt”

Courtney Love has a new song called “Justice For Kurt” but won’t include it on her new album. In an interview with Marc Maron on the WTF podcast, Love said the song would overshadow the rest of the music on the album and notes that fans might be “too stupid” not to focus on it.

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Of course the song is in reference to some fans believing that Love murdered her late husband, Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, as opposed to suicide being the official cause of Cobain‘s death.

“We wrote a secret song that we can’t put on [the album] ’cause it’s only two minutes and 24 seconds, but it’s a rock song,” said Love. When asked why she couldn’t put it on the record, she responded “It’s called ‘Justice for Kurt,’ and it’s great, but we’re like, ‘Okay, they’re too stupid.’ It would swallow the entire narrative. Rock does not stream.”

“It’s not worth it. It’s 2:24, it’s an earworm and a half. Okay, if I’m going to write a fucking song called ‘Justice for Kurt,’ it’s going to be a fucking earworm. But I am not putting it on that record to ruin my record, right? Like, I do not need Kurt ruining more of my shit, okay? Thank you. Love you, but no.”

Love later noted that “it’s still [circulating] that I’m this psychopath that killed him” and also mentions that “When I go online, I have to see that. My daughter has to see that too.” Still, Love seems like she wants to release the song, adding that it might come out eight months or so after the record.

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