Christian Bale Stars in Teaser for The Pale Blue Eye

Netflix has today unveiled the chilling first teaser for The Pale Blue Eye, Scott Cooper’s upcoming mystery period thriller involving a double-murder and Edgar Allan Poe.

Based on Louis Bayard‘s 2006 novel of the same name, The Pale Blue Eye stars Christian Bale as a forensics-obsessed detective named August Landor, who’s forced out of retirement to help solve the murder of a cadet at the West Point military academy in 1830. There, he meets another cadet who just happens to be one Edgar Allan Poe (Henry Melling). Landor takes a fledgling Poe under his wing, despite the differences in how they view the world.

There’s not much we can tell about the plot of The Pale Blue Eye from its teaser, but we can glean a few details: It’s cold. It’s dark. People are mad. Not exactly the feel-good blockbuster of the year, but thankfully, it’ll arrive just in time to set the mood for your peak seasonal depression: The film lands in select theaters this December before coming to Netflix January 6th, 2023. Check out the teaser for The Pale Blue Eye below.

We also recently saw Bale in David O. Russell’s star-studded Amsterdam, as well as Gorr in Thor: Love and ThunderAccording to Bale himself, however, he apparently only got all these roles because Leonardo DiCaprio passed on them first, or something.

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