Cheers! Finally It’s Maldives Time. What are you waiting for, book a Ticket for Maldives

It’s Maldives Time: These people are having the best days of their lives. They are celebrating the new year in the Maldives. Did you decide your travel destination for 2023?

One of the most stunning places in the Indian Ocean is the Maldives, one of the most well-liked vacation resorts on earth. For little nation of 1200 people, tourism is a significant source of wealth. Only 200 of the 1200 people are actually occupied, 100 of which are lavish tourist communities. Adann Geri Kalan was created to accommodate inhabitants’ way of life. The Maldives currently have thousands of deserted islands.

This culture has had an impact on India because it is a component of the nation. There are no ethnic groups, according quote the Maldivian proverb. The Hint-Aryan societies are the basis of this nation’s roots. The Maldives are a topic of conversation among the locals, many of whom are Muslims.

Meryem, a travel girl celebrating her maldives time

Meryem | Travel Girl from Istanbul, Dubai had a recent visit. According to her, “Discovering the world is very beautiful. New places, new cultures, new lives. But I think even more kumbosi a person’s self-discovery. Neyi love, ney’den love, neyden love Loving the world means loving zenn. I realized this too late, but you know very well what’s going on with me. That’s why you discover yourself first.”

Image © Meryem | Travel Girl | Instagram

Aysh A travel girl from dubai spending her holidays at maldives

She is a Kazakh/Swedish epicurean, believes on greek philosophy. It is ultimately seeking pleasure around the world. Aysh recently posted a picture at Maldives wearing her favourite swimsuit and celebrating the time. In one of photo, she said, “2022 you’ve been wonderful”

Sarka Serafinova is a cabin crew from Manchester. Sarka love traveling, fashion, and food.

Your wings already exist! All You Have to do is FLY

Sarka Serafinova

Be yourself, there’s no one better.


You are a free bird who can fly wherever you like, thus there is no rivalry when it comes to you, well expressed. There is nobody else you can argue or accuse. Life is like mercury; don’t let it get out of your control. Simply live each day to the utmost.

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