Big Bash! Salman Khan birthday Celebration with 50%

Salman Khan birthday was recently celebrated with some of his close friends and family, he turned 57 on Tuesday. Bollywood star Salman Khan announced on his social media Instagram handle that his brand “Being Human” is currently offering up to 50% off on his birthday.

Salman Khan birthday celebration at his home
Salman Khan birthday celebration at his home

The latest new from NDTV says: “Shah Rukh Khan Hugs Birthday Boy Salman Khan At Party” King Khan Shah Rukh Khan has attended the party hosted by Salman Khan. SRK gave him a warm welcome. However, other celebrities like Aamir Khan, Akshay not yet seen in the party. As usual, Salman Khan birthday has always been a special to his friends and family.

Hindustan Time on Salman Khan birthday shared a post

When Salman Khan revealed he wanted kids but not ‘the mother’: Maybe I can work out a win-win situation for everyone

The actor Salman Khan, who turned 57 on Tuesday, has previously expressed a desire for children. Salman previously stated in an interview that he wants kids but doesn’t “want the mother.”

Received a tag of “One of the most bankable stars of Bollywood” on his birthday

On the occasion of Salman Khan birthday Indian Express quoted Salman Khan as “Salman Khan @ 57: The superstar of all seasons and platforms is still one of the most bankable stars of Bollywood“, obviously it is true. He is a superstar as well as the most bankable Bollywood start.

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