Avatar 2 review: The Way of Water

The extensive runtime is the sole negative. The first film by Cameron to earn $100 million, Avatar 2 (review), had a rating of 4.5 on IMDB.

Salana Kumar has given the best Avatar 2 review, and more than 400 people found it helpful. Let’s check out the movie “Avatar: The Way of Water” as per Salana’s review.

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James Cameron is known for getting the optimum out of his cast and crew. All the actors came up with brilliant performances. Jakes and Sully standout by showing variations in expressions and emotions. He maintained the same intensity to make an impact. Zoe Saldana, Clif Curtiss, and Kate Winslet blended with him to elevate the scenes with their performances. The actors who played the roles of their children brought in good emotions to complete the story.

Technical values

Technically, Avatar-The Way of Water is outstanding. Right from VFX to graphics work everything looks captivating. The 3D effects are stunning and they are not just for the sack of publicity. Each 3D shot has proper research and reason.

The Pandora world created is just amazing and is presented superbly deep underwater. Technical brilliance is visible in each and every shot throughout the film.

The background score composed by Simon Franglen is arresting and elevates the mood of the film nicely. The photography work by Russell Carpenter is nice. His work registers despite the film having more graphics.

The collective editing work done by Stephen E. Rivkin, David Brenner, John Refoua and James Cameron is effective. The production design is stunning and so is the case with the production values Lightstorm Entertainment and TSG Entertainment. For the audience who are watching the Telugu version, the Telugu dialogues written by Srinivas Avasarala elevate the emotional depth of the film decently.

The second installment from the creative genius James Cameron’s cinematic universe, Avatar has high making standards. Alongside the magical setup and fictional premise created, Avatar-The Way of Water addresses elements like social equality, civilization and takes a strong anti-military stand.

The underlying theme of the film that showcases parents protecting their children and vice versa is conveyed beautifully during the ending portions. On the flip side, the main drawbacks of the film are the thin storyline and lengthy runtime. To summarize, Avatar 2 is a greater cinematic experience that deserves to be watched on Imax 3D screen to witness the grandeur.


James Cameron Direction

Spectacular Visual Effects

Stunning Production Design

Terrific Cinematography

Climax Sequence


Lengthy Runtime

Guardinn: “A thunderously underwhelming damp squib of a return”

James Cameron’s long-awaited Avatar sequel is a lumbering three-hour slog featuring characters seemingly designed by a stoned sixth former, keep reading here.

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The movie has now made $134 million in the domestic market, according to Variety. It’s interesting that it became James Cameron’s first movie to gross $100 million in its first weekend. A healthy amount of $301 million has come from the overseas circuits, bringing the global total to $435 million.

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