ArtStation is hiding anti-AI artwork images on its platform

ArtStation confirmed that it’s begun hiding or removing posts on its platform that protest the use of AI art. 

After multiple users recognized that their posts were no longer visible, ArtStation confirmed that it would be getting rid of any posts that seemed to be in violation of its Terms of Service. “We understand concerns about AI and its impact on the industry,” it wrote. “We will share more about improvements to give users more control over what they see and how they use ArtStation in the near future.”

Earlier this month, ArtStation users began to speak vocally against AI-generated art that produces its results through artwork made by actual humans. Since then, those users have been using a specific graphic condemning the AI art industry in the hopes of reducing AI’s presence on the website.

Exactly what terms of service are being violated are unclear, other than the protests potentially breaching the site’s stance on “spam and other bulk messages.”

Last week, the popular portfolio website used by artists in the entertainment industry (including games) wrote that it would implement a tagging system for artists to ensure their work wouldn’t be used for AI research. Also included in that statement was a promise for additional features for artists to control how their art would be used to come in the new year.

More recently, Kickstarter gave a similarly vague stance on AI art, saying it would have to consider projects featuring AI-based art on a case-by-case basis. Campaigns that explicitly use AI art that’s in clear violation of copyright would be suspended, but campaigns that don’t explicitly mention using AI art may be more debatable. 

However, The Verge pointed out that other art platforms have been more conclusive with their stances with AI art. Getty Images banned AI art from being uploaded and sold in order to address copyright concerns. 

Conversely, Shutterstock not only permits the technology on its platform, but is also setting up a “Contributor Fund” that will reimburse creators whose work is used in AI research. 

Game Developer has contacted ArtStation’s parent company Epic Games, and will update when a response is given.

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