Arca Releases ‘Kick’ Compilation Featuring 3 New Songs

Arca has released new compilation called Kick, which includes fan favourites from the musician’s KICK series along with three new tracks: ‘Alto Voltaje’, ‘Ritual’, and ‘Sentient Savior’. It also features ‘Cayó’ and ‘El Alma Que Te Trajo’, two previously released tracks that were part of the original recording sessions but didn’t appear on any of her KICK albums. Take a listen below.

Kick Tracklist:

1. Nonbinary
2. Time
3. Prada
4. Rakata
5. KLK [feat. Rosalía]
6. Tiro
7. Bruja
8. Riquiquí
9. Incendio
10. Ripples
11. La Chíqui [feat. SOPHIE]
12. Señorita
13. Mequetrefe
14. Esuna [feat. Oliver Coates]
15. Músculos
16. Tierno
17. Calor
18. Lost Woman Found
19. Xenomorphgirl
20. Fireprayer
21. Crown

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