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Angels are beings of light energy and vibrations, with colors having meaning and also ways of letting you know the Angels that are around you!

Usually, Angel’s have not been human before, so this means they often don’t appear in any human or any other sort of defined shape.

But they do appear as light.

As beings of light, Angels frequently appear as flashes of light, streaks of light in the air, or balls of light zipping past you.

They don’t have a body and most never have, so they usually aren’t bound by shape, which is what makes Angel sightings so versatile.

Angels can appear in front of your eyes, in a dream, or in meditation to deliver messages to you, and some have experienced Angel’s at different times, including births, deaths and other occasions. Many people have Angels come to them in their visions.

The color of the light that Angels use to appear is often just white, the color of all energy, or, as some call it, the pure source light of the Divine.

When Angels appear as any other color than white, it can be symbolic as to what they are here to help you with.

Angels can and do appear to people using a wide array of different colors, with each color a message may be there.

Each color is symbolic of their role in your life and what message your Angel is trying to convey.

With the color of light a Spirit appears, including an Angel, also may have to do with wavelength.

So aside from Angel light colors being symbolic, it could also be scientific, Angels seem to  travel and communicate through different wavelengths. Or in the metaphysical community, we call these different vibrations.

Higher vibration Angels are thought to be those that exist at higher frequency light colors.

Archangel Michael is believed to be an Angel first in command of God, and its colors is blue, which is a high frequency light.

Seeing flashes of light? Feeling a divine presence?

It could be an Angel and below are the seven main colors of angelic that Angels use to appear and what they mean.

The color of the light that Angels use to appear is often just white, the color of all energy, or, as some call it, the pure source light of the Divine.

Symbolism Of The 7 Most Common Angelic Light Colors.

Red ❤
Strength, independence, self-sufficiency, rootedness, groundedness, a symbol of earth connection, of purpose, of fire. Stimulation of energy, rising, physical energy.

Angels that commonly appear as red are Nathaniel, Uriel, and Sandalphon.

Abundance, well-being, passion, pride and connection, the sacral chakra, and relationships with others, and creativity. Archangel Uriel can appear as orange.

Support and stimulation of intellectual activities, self-worth, self-confidence, self-esteem, and feelings of self-power.

When yellow appears like gold, it adds protection and healing to the already yellow color.

Angels that can appear as yellow are Ariel, Jophiel, and Azrael.

Heart and healing, joy and love, nature, and connection to healing vibrations, inner peace, and comfortable feelings.

This vibration is perfect for the promotion of health and balance.

Archangel Raphael, thought to be the master healer, is the leading known Angel of this color.

This Angel governs over others who work on earth who are also healers, including healing Guardian Angels and Healing Guides.

Clear communication and expression, protection through firm boundaries and space, and spiritual assistance.

Angels that can appear in this color are, Archangel Michael, Gabriel, and Haniel.

Gabriel governs communication, so also the throat chakra, and Michael protection, so also health in some cases. Appearing a green color

Haniel is the Angel of Joy, and the moon, this Angel also is ruled by the planet Venus.

Haniel often appears female and guides over very intuitive types.

Indigo.(Dark blue)
Majesty, intuition, knowingness, ability to think, and made sound decisions, imagination, inner wisdom.

This is also the color of Angels who govern intuition and knowledge, such as Archangel Zadkiel, and Metatron.

Indigo is also related to forgiveness, as this is one of the highest levels of spiritual enlightenment.

Connectedness to all, divinity, ability to connect with inner and outer beauty, spiritual bliss. Angels of this colour are Metatron and Chamuel, who can also appear as fuchsia or pink.

The colors of each Angelic color may merge together and blend, such as red with orange to form a warm desert colour, becoming pink or becoming burgundy.

With merged colors, you’ll have properties of both Angelic frequencies mixing together to form new healing energy.


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