A Christmas Story Christmas trailer finds Ralphie coming home to old friends and spirited memories

Beware of the Bumpass’ dogs and protect your face from Santa’s mighty boot because HBO Max is unwrapping A Christmas Story Christmas trailer that triple dog dares you to feel the nostalgia of this long-awaited holiday sequel. 

The anticipated sequel stars Peter Billingsley, now 51, reprising his role as Ralphie Parker. The A Christmas Story Christmas trailer takes us back to Ralphie’s stomping grounds, where familiar faces await and chaos reigns. Joining Billingsley for the 70s-set sequel are Ian Petrella (Randy), Zack Ward (Scut Farkus), Scott Schwartz (Flick), and R.D. Robb (Schwartz). Erinn Hayes (Kevin Can Wait) plays Ralphie’s wife, River Drosche (Miracle Workers) and Julianna Layne (Prodigal Son) star as their son and daughter, with Julie Hagerty (What About Bob?) playing Ralphie’s mom, originally played by Melinda Dillon.

In A Christmas Story Christmas, an adult Ralphie “returns to the house on Cleveland Street to deliver his kids a magical Christmas like the one he had growing up,” says the official logline. “With the same attention-to-real-life tone of the first, Ralphie reconnects with childhood friends, reconciles the passing of his Old Man and sows the seeds for the origins of the beloved holiday classic.”

A Christmas Story Chrismas won’t be the first sequel to the original movie as several TV movies followed as installments of American PlayhouseA Christmas Story director Bob Clark also returned with My Summer Story in 1994, and a direct-to-video sequel was released in 2012. Hopefully, this latest sequel has more imagination than any of the above-listed projects.

In addition to unwrapping the A Christmas Story Christmas trailer, HBO Max shared a gallery of images from the upcoming holiday sequel:

A Christmas Story Christmas, key art, trailer, HBO Max, holiday film
A Christmas Story Christmas, key art, trailer, HBO Max, Ralphie, sequel
A Christmas Story Christmas, key art, trailer, HBO Max, Christmas
A Christmas Story Christmas, key art, trailer, HBO Max, sequel

You’ll find key art from the movie below, featuring Billingsley’s Ralphie with luggage in hand, hoping to enjoy a peaceful holiday getaway with his family. Little does he know that old enemies still roam the streets of his hometown, and Old Saint Nick hasn’t finished teaching him the magic of Christmas. Will Ralphie receive another boot to the face before the holiday comes to pass? We’ll find out when A Christmas Story Christmas arrives on HBO Max on November 17.

A Christmas Story Christmas, key art, trailer, HBO Max

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