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Making contact with colleagues, clients, and experienced professionals are known as networking.

There is a misconception that networking is shallow and unimportant, but the reality is entirely different. Instead of just making an effort to connect with the “correct” individuals, networking is about creating and maintaining solid bonds based on mutual respect and trust.

Although most of us aren’t naturally good at networking, it’s terrific for individuals looking to establish a solid network, create a long-term support system, or speed up their professional development.

Top secrets to networking in 2023

Following are the secrets to how to network in 2023:

Secret#1 Take responsibility for other people’s suffering

Do you ever attend a gathering and simply roam the halls? While you notice a lot of people talking with one another, you also probably notice several people seated at tables reading the event guide or talking on their phones. These people are undoubtedly uncomfortable talking to strangers, therefore they are trying to avoid it by appearing to be busy.

So, by introducing yourself, you can help these people You can join them and make their lives a little simpler, which can open up some positive terminal.

Secret#2 Give without seeking anything in return

Successful networkers will tell you that they help other people when you ask them how they spend their time.

They will visit young people while they are at lunch as well as at schools and colleges. Through sharing advice and helping them in avoiding mistakes they have made, these networkers seek to help others.

You must constantly engage in discussion with others if you want to be a great networker, keeping in mind that they might not be able to pay you back.

Secret#3 Celebrate your uniqueness.

Have neither a Ph.D. nor an MBA? Nothing serious. You shouldn’t try to hide your past or your origins because sometimes all it takes to thrive in this world is some serious hustling.

Secret#4 Early and frequent compliments

It is quite simple to become disheartened or angry when you witness someone else succeeding in the highly competitive world of startups and digital enterprises. Instead, resist the urge and take this chance to introduce yourself.

Whenever hear about someone successful, make an effort to meet that person and congratulate them.

Secret#5 Find common ground as soon as possible.

Do some research on the people you want to speak with before going to a networking event. To avoid that uncomfortable silence. Try to keep the conversation to subjects you both find interesting.

Finding common interests results in the personal connection that you refer to have in each conversation.

Secret#6 Be careful when expanding your circle of influence

As you engage in these discussions and establish these connections, develop the habit of treating whatever personal contact information you receive from people as if it were gold.

When you return to your workplace, don’t immediately begin spamming them with emails, and don’t phone them every week just to “chit-chat.” The majority of them are really busy. They will notice when you waste their time because that is the last thing they want to do.

Secret#7 Add social network to your networking strategy

Social networks will fit into your strategy quite simply if you approach networking as a way of life. Consider it only as an additional means of getting in touch with the community.

You are undoubtedly too busy to use every social media platform, such as Instagram, Pinterest, or Tumblr. Therefore, I advise starting with LinkedIn, Networker, and Facebook.

Secret#8 Never push; always pull

The conversation is the backbone of networking. Apart from introducing yourself and your business, it’s also important to talk more about the other person.

In one of his stories, Napoleon Hill describes attending a dinner party and leaving with the impression that he was the most charming person in the world.


Not because he talked about himself, but because he talked to keep the hostess’ perspective at the forefront of the conversation.


With time and practice, networking is a talent that can be improved, and over time, it will pay off. It is a vital technique for people looking for work, making business contacts, and advancing their careers while establishing reliable, permanent connections. Start small if you are not yet prepared to attend a big live or online event. However, the most important thing to keep in mind is to carry on and establish those connections.

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